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Full Version: manicure table
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I am desperately looking for a new manicure table. Where did you get yours? hou much was shipping? If you got someone to make it I would like some information on that also. Thanks
Did you see this thread below?

Post below re: manicure tables and ideas.
Yes I have seen it and it didn't help me answer any of the questions I asked in this thread
I asked to point out there was already a thread on the subject.
I just cannot find one where I could go pick it up but cannot pay 280 in shipping
Mine is made from Ikea components, don't know if you have one locally or could get it shipped. I have a unit on each side with 5 drawers and then a table top on it. It was very economical and they have many options to choose from.
Jill Wright has a smart and inexpensive idea too. She has ceramic/plaster-like columns (you can get at hobby lobby or micheals that are table height and has glass top for the table top. The glass can be found at the same places. Though your strorage would have to be separate.

Check out in your area. People are always selling used salon furniture.
Check out target or walmart in their student/dorm furniture area find a desk.
I looked on Ikea the other day and everything that I thought would work said that they wouldnt ship that item. I 3 hours to Virginia last weekend looking and had no idea where to even start. So I called every store and asked them if they had tables in stock nobody said yes Sad
I had an old desk that had drawers down both sides and open in the middle. Got it at a thrift shop for 25 dollars. measured and went to a glass place and had plexiglass cut for the top and put a bead of hot glue around the sides to hold it in place and so I could sanatize it. Worked great and I even decorated under the glass with pictures out of nail mags.

Try thrift shops and keep looking - maybe even antique shops in your area for something that will work for you. If you get a thrift shop table you can always take the legs off and have it cut down to size and put the legs back on or just use the top and get some drawers at wal mart that fit in height.
good luck