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Full Version: Leave wax on
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Does anyone leave their wax pot or parafin tub on most of the time? Is this a fire hazard?
Hi, I leave my wax pot on day and night for almost 7 years now. Only time I turn it off is if I go out of town to visit my kids.
I worked in a large salon with at least 40 wax pots on at any time and we left them on 24/7. I believe you have to pay extra on insurance and it doesn't help your light bill but the idea of coming in at 7 am to heat your pot for your 8 am client on a Saturday morning makes many waxers leave their pot on. I always turn mine down so it will only take them a few minutes to heat back up again in the morning.
We went to Home Depot and got an electrical timer for our wax pots. we set it to turn off at 7pm and back on again at 7am so we r ready when we get in at 9am. Its wonderful and no more wondering if the electrical will short out or over-burning the wax.

Hope that helps too