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Full Version: eye shadow nails
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I've been on Pinterest and looking through some nail art. I've been seeing Nails labled as eye shadow nails. Does anyone know what that is? Or how its done? Just wondering.

Thank you!
I've not seen it, but the first thing that popped in my mind was using the eye shadow to create the color for nails, such as mixing it with gel to create a color that matches what you're wearing on your eyes.
Donna's got it right. Using eye shadow (pigments) to tint clear nail polish or nail gel, or scrub into tacky layer of Soak off gel.

check out Robin Moses' site...she has many YouTube tutorials and one of them is done with MAC eye shadow. It is beautiful but she doesn't mix it in the gel, she uses foil glue on top and "dabs" it on with a brush, kind of a graduated look. She also uses MAC glitter in her designs but I'm thinking it's more expensive than craft or nail glitter.
I just saw a similar post on Pinterest that was clear polish mixed with eye shadow to get a matte finish.
It's a lot like rockstar nails, but instead of using glitter, you use various pigments like eyeshadow, although blushes and bronzers can also be used.

In addition to "scrubbing" it into the tacky layer of a SOGP, the pigments can be mixed into a sheer polish; some people feel this give better color over the saturation of color. Depending on what you use, what much you use and your technique, the effect can be subtle or bold. Color-morphing pigments are really spectacular.

Although eyeshadows are great to use (especially since we all have unused ones in the back of a drawer somewhere), it's really fun to use micas and pigments that come from DIY cosmetics places like TKB Trading. I scrubbed their Planetary Collection over Gelish Black Shadow and Vanilla Silk and their Moon Dust Collection over Black Shadow.
I have all sorts of pigments I use - everything from eyeshadow/blush to Pearl EX pigments to various other micas meant for making your own cosmetics. Sometimes I scrub them into the sticky layer, sometimes I mix them in to clear gel. If you mix them into clear gel, you have more control over how saturated the color is. If you scrub it into the sticky layer, it is what it is.
I LOVE using pigments in my nail art. The gel nails in my avatar were done with pigments. I usually dry-brush them onto the inhibition layer rather than mix them in gel, it keeps the nails thinner and I can blend them easily.
I'm so mad I am reading this today since I cleaned out my cosmetic case on Sunday...UGH!