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Hi, I ordered from a company in Ohio years ago & can't remember their name. I ordered 1 oz clear plastic containers w/lids.

I'm looking for more in a half oz size w/lid. Any suggestions are appreciated. Thank you


I have ordered from here in the past
This is who I use: The website gives you prices by the case, but I call the company and order 150 jars and lids at a time. It has never been a problem for me. HTH!
Thank you for your help! I'm going to start browsing the sites now.

One of my favorite resources when I needed jars/bottles was E.D. Luce at
Has anyone tried  Thank you for any help!
I usually get my containers from AllInPackaging..just browse through all these wholesale containers and you will find something for yourself but as far as I know they deliver only to UK and some other European countries