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Full Version: Help w/ water marbleizing
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I just did my 1st water marbleizing on myself. I love how it turned out. But my problem was the mess on my cuticles and under my nails. I did alot of clean up. What do you girls do when doing that technique? I want to do it on a few of my clients but the clean up will run me over on my time.

Thanks everyone, Marie
I've seen people use scotch tape and tape all around the nail and down the fingers
I've only seen the tape used also. Good luck!
I've seen cuticle oil carefully rubbed on the skin around the nail makes clean up easier.
I have seen it done while wearing a nail form.
Thanks everyone. I have thought about trying forms. But didn't know how professional it would be to put scotch tape on a client.
I've seen tutorials on YouTube that use tape also. I was thinking you could use cuticle oil or vaseline on the skin, would probably work as long as you don't get any on the nail.
If you're doing it on a natural nail, I have found that rubbing a little petrolium jelly around the nail works beautifully for being able to wipe away the mess on the finger. Then you can just use a touch up brush to clean up the line.
For application with acrylics or gels, I have actually done a couple sets where I pre-marbelized the nails, then applied the acrylic over them so it gave a gorgeous french application effect to it. Smile