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Full Version: My new pedicure station is set up!
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For anyone interested in checking out a new set-up - this was designed for client ease in getting in & out of the chair, as well as accommodating my Footsie Bath & UV light, e-file & Partigon. The step pulls out and is only 9" high, so the client just has one step and then sits in a chair that's about the height of a low bar-stool.

For lighting I have a Slimline lamp attached to the foot cart, and there is room to the right of the foot rest for my implements & supplies. The cart is on wheels so I can easily move it forward & back throughout the service as needed. I absolutely loved doing a pedicure on this today - when I got to the callus smoothing & massage portion I moved the cart closer to the client and had her rest the back of her calves on the foot rest, so I didn't have to hold her foot up while I was working! This is going to be a lifesaver for my arthritic neck & shoulder Big Grin

We took pictures as we built it and I put a step by step slideshow on my blog at for anyone who's interested.

I forgot to say... the working height of the client's foot is only about 1" lower than my manicure table!


Sounds great. I can't view it, it keeps crashing my iPad.
(02-22-2012, 04:49 AM)sobeit Wrote: [ -> ]Sounds great. I can't view it, it keeps crashing my iPad.

Hmmm, I can see it on my iPad. I have noticed my iPad's been crashing more of late, I wonder if they made it buggier with the last update?
Looks great! Gave me an idea on how i can possibly work my space. Thank you for posting.
So you Footsie sits on your cart or the step?
Great use of inexpensive yet stylish IKEA items. Love the way you used the table legs for your own purpose.
(02-22-2012, 02:41 PM)Nail Raising Wrote: [ -> ]Candice,
So you Footsie sits on your cart or the step?

The cart. The step gets pushed under the platform once the client is seated.
Hi Candice, thumbs up! Smile, thank you so much for sharing darling you have a lovely blog too.

I have been working on my nail room set up all this week, and I was breaking my head thinking what I could use for a foot rest over my footsie, I knew it had to be something special.

I was going to go hunting for a comfy camping folding stool or a little table or something that could fit me, I am shortHuh.

I was even thinking on attach an extension arm-like to my stool, and make it a foot rest, well hubby was going to help me Big Grin ( I was going to force hem lol Tongue).

Your set up came super nice and looks awesome, Loren did a great job!!, thanks again for sharing SmileHeart
I love it. We should have a section with pics of our mani pedi set ups to give each other ideas how to set up.
Wow! it looks awesome!!

You have done a wonderful job and your client looks very happy with it and that's what matters.
All the hard work has paid off, you have a great looking salon.
I love how innovative you are! Thanks for posting the slideshow step-by-step - it really breaks the whole process down Smile

The Slimline lamps are a great touch too - I have one on my mani desk and would never be without it. Have you found they hold up to the bending and straightening at the pedi station?
Thanks everyone! Glad you like it and hope it helps.

@scratchmyback: I've been using my slimline lamp on my pedi station for two years so far, and it works great! It's still in the same condition as when I started using it, so I'd say it holds up to the bending and straightening repeatedly just fine. I have one on my mani table too and it is a lifesaver. I'm laughing at myself now, I'm a solo tech and have 3 of those lights!

I loved the Blog entry with the step by step on your pedi station design and construction. But I wanted to tell you how REALLY impressed I was with your website! It was easy to navigate, very clear on policies & service descriptions and easy on the eyes, Bravo!