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Full Version: How Do I Pay Nail Techs?
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Hi glad I found this message board. I'm an esthetician/spa owner who after being in business for 15 years is finally expanding and moving into a much larger location where I can offer other services. I've purchased two beautiful Sedona spa pedicure chairs and I am looking to purchase a couple manicure tables and now it's time to start interviewing. The spa will be located in a fabulous high-end part of Los Angeles and will be ground floor in a complex that gets a ton of foot traffic. I found a threat on this forum that talks about rental rates but they seem sort of low based on my location. Should I charge rent or pay commission and if I go with commission what is the general split? I will pay commission on retail including any skin care and boutique items they sell. I know all the rules regarding employee vs. independent contractor so I will be above board with everything. I want my manicurists to be happy since they will have keys to the place and I know they'll build quickly based on the location. Any advice is much appreciated!
I think if they come with clientel, then definitely do b.r. If they don't have an income yet, I'd do comm. possibly with an agreement they would be b.r. after a designated time.

My thoughts on comm. is this: the more perks you have for the tech and the higher your prices, the lower the comm. for the tech. You said you're in high end area with lots of traffic. If your prices are higher than average because you're going to provide hi end services with the the higher ticket to go with it, and provide bene's such as sick pay, vaca time, going to beauty shows, then you'll need to be making the money to pay for that. I'd rather have 30% of a $100 ticket, than 50% of a $35 ticket, when my time to do both would be same.

If you're not providing bene's of any sort, then a higher comm. would be in order. I know there's lots of people who refuse to work at a place that pays less than 50% but if they had bene's then they might think differently about it, PLUS be loyal to the salon.