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Full Version: Hello From Colorado...It's Michelle
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Hi All,
I'm a new nail tech (1 1/2 years) and love this site. I have learned so much from reading all the postings. I live in Littleton, Colorado and work from my home. I have a small clientele (about 15 now) and love being home with my 3 kids, Spencer 7, Lauren 5 and Matthew 4.
I believe that I married the world's best husband. Chris is so supportive of my business. He is always looking for ways for me to market my skills. He probably hands out 3-4 cards a day to anyone he talks to. (This I find funny since he is a computer geek and works in a cube!)
I am always looking for educational opportunities. I believe that education is most important to our careers and will makes us better at what we do. I am a Creative Grand Master and a nail educator. I really really love doing nails!! Even if they are not the best, at least I try to perfect them. I am always looking for ways to improve upon what I am doing. It is so much fun and I have made some great new nail tech friends.
I am going to Premiere Orlando for the first time and really looking forward to the education, shopping and a little me time.

Let's all keep up the great support for each other.