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Full Version: Graduating tomorrow!
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Tomorrow, after a little over a year, I will graduate from my cosmetology program. Got a job lined up, now all that is left to do is schedule and take the state board exam and apply for licensure. And buy a ton of nail stuff. And plan for loan payments. And move. ...I thought I had less to do before listing it all. Erk.

Heart Anyway, thank you to everyone here on the Beauty Tech forums. Your help and guidance has made me feel like I can be the best newly graduated cosmetologist nail person (can't say nail tech, maybe there is a better term) possible. I can't wait to get started and will continue to turn to these forums as an incredible industry resource. Thank you!
Congratulations! Will you be doing nails full time?
this usually is a great forum for info & help which is why I try & visit daily
I have been doing nails over 20 years & there is still always new stuff/products to learn & share with each other as techs! (esp. with all the new SOGs & LED tech)

Enjoy your new artistic adventure in the beauty industry
(02-21-2012, 04:21 PM)Tashawna Wrote: [ -> ]Congratulations! Will you be doing nails full time?

Yes, nails are what I really love, though I could do hair if I had to.