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Full Version: will you please sign this petition for OBX Beaches to remain open
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Please sign this petition and share it with others. I would appreciate more than anyone would ever know. I have seen so many small businesses close because of Audobon and National Park Service this our last chance at life for my tiny island. Thanks
if you sign this would you let me know so I can thank you
I signed your petition. Just wanted to help you and your locals!


Done, I hope it works out.
It's so hard when protecting the natural habitat of areas such as your Island are in conflict with recreational enjoyment. Often the lawsuits of extreme environmentalists bring about closures or extremely limited access to public areas in the interest of preserving the natural habitat. Hopefully reason will prevail and a compromise can be met that will allow people to enjoy the island and still preserve it for the future generations!

We live on an island too, and there is very limited public access to the water, and none of it is free of charge anymore. While I understand that it costs money to police and care for these areas, it's a bummer that we pay a few hundred each year just for passes to the various water access points in our area. We can easily pay these fees, but I do wonder about other families with children who are struggling financially and forego these family experiences because of access fees.
I signed, I hope Washington pays attention.
OMG...I go to Nags Head every year. Does this mean they are closing that beach as well???
Where in Nags Head southern or northern?
Thanks to everyone who has signed the petition. The island still needs 90,000 more signatures. I really hope it happens because I can't stand seeing all the small businesses closing
@Candice they will not work with us at all what so ever. They do not care about the small people. Oregon Inlet bridge is our only way off this island and it is ranked 2 on safety out of 100 with 100 being the best. NCDOT stated that they would build a new bridge that would be done in 2010 this new bridge has not been started yet because of lawsuits from Audoban saying that it will effect the animals. Audoban and NPS is also shutting down our #1 reason for tourism which is a local fishing spot called the point in Buxton, NC.