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Full Version: Gel & filing
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I was just watching some you tube on gel application and design. And they were filing the free edge at the end of application and then just putting on cuticle oil. Doesn't this compromise the seal of the gel and maybe cause some lifting? Or is only with gel polish?
no, it won't compromise the seal. Amy Becker of Masterworks Gel does it all the time and says it will actually stop separation of the gel and tip. She places the e-file bit at a 45 degree angle under the f/e and and bevels the f/e back so the gel is a teensy bit longer than the nail.

Capping is used during the curing process, as the gel cures, it tends to shrink back, imo. If you've got it wrapped around the end of the nail it seems to help reduce shrinkage. Once the gel is cured, no shrinkage, so the end capping is really not needed, imo.

Now with gel polish on natural nails, yes, I think it's needed simply because it does a better job of protecting the end of the nail, plus it just looks better.
Donna - Thank you great info