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Full Version: manicure-pedicure steps with e-file
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i would like to ask you what are your steps when doing a manicure- pedicure with an e-file and what without e-file.i'm giving my licence exams in about 2 months and want to be sure that my steps are correct.any advice would be really appreciated!also if you know any site that has photos of step by step i would love to see.i searched on youtube and didn't find anything to look at.
please i really need your help! Smile
(02-19-2012, 02:36 PM)tsita78 Wrote: [ -> ]please i really need your help! Smile

You should contact your state board. Start here US State Boards/Licensing. Your instructor should be able to provide this info to you too.

Then practice those requirements.

Once licensed your steps are your choice.

(02-19-2012, 02:36 PM)tsita78 Wrote: [ -> ]please i really need your help! Smile

Disregard my last post as I see you are in Greece.

Typically a mani/pedi is not performed with an efile. Does your country have requirements listed on a website or does your instructors have that info?
thank you for your reply! yes i do have the instructions from our instructors but i needed to know how can you perform a mani-pedi with sn efile.i know that they will not ask me for that but just in case they do i need to be sure i know everything. Smile im anxious i guess Smile
I don't use a efile for manicure, but I do use the dremel, battery operated one for pedi.

soak for 5 min
dry feet, spray blue cross on cuticle push back cuticle, trim nails, shape with file.
i use fine sanding band on slow to buff around cuticle and file down thick nails with dremel
then i use blue cross on feet, spray callus, let it sit for a minute. and i use a coarse band and buff off calluses. repeat b.c. application and buffing with dremel.
use a foot scrub wash off
polish nails
Actually using an efile can be quite harmful if not experienced and honestly the best way to learn is - to do. Practice pressure on yourself and get some friends/family to practice on too. Also try to find yourself a mentor that you can go and watch. Thats what i did when i was still in school. I found a wonderful gal locally that allowed me to come in and watch her work. And a bonus to that is she was/is an educator for she gave me a bunch of product left over from classes. It was awesome. Another way is to go get services yourself somewhere. Go undercover tho cuz alot of ppl in this biz dont wanna share techniques with others.
But nornally an efile is not used in my opinion...for manis and pedis. If you get some good callus softener (discussed in anothee thread) and good foot files..there is no need for an efile. Unless u r doing rockstar/acrylic toes or something. So keep that in mind. But dont worry...we all were in your shoes at one time..and u wont learn everytg all at once..but continually educating urself is the key!! Best wishes to ya!!