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Full Version: OPI Gelcolor base coat issue
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After applying ,thinly and curing ,I have noticed when I apply the color coat ,there are like little pits ,or tiny circular areas like the color is separating ,almost like the surface is oily and separating....also shrinking at free edge.I also use Gelish ,and do meticulous prep ,and careful thin layers ,so I am experienced with gel polish application...anyone else experience this ,if so ,what was the cause and or solution ?Smile
Do you think maybe you applied it too thin?
I don't think so Colleen ,although anything is looked kind of glossy after curing ,would this be normal when using OPI base ? I did not dry brush like I would with Gelish ,thought it was not necessary when using how it applies ,I hope I can fix my kinks. Have used Lincoln Park ,and You Don't Know Jaques ,had to freeze to stop the shrinking....maybe try Gelish foundation ?
Have you shake the bottle? I realize it said we have to shake well before use.
Yes, I made sure to shake the base ,color and top....I even left the ugly stickers on the bottles so I wouldn't forget ,lol ...I never seen this happen before ,even with Shellac...oh ,well ,I guess each product has a little trial and error.I am also using the CND lamps ,or the Harmony 6g led. Bulbs are all good. I will just keep fiddling with it I guess...I love the product and the colors ,so hopefully this is one of those things that works out through practice...thanks for all the helpful suggestions ,girls !
I had this happen to me last week on just 2 fingers, and I have no idea why. I don't think the base had pits in it - but I was doing a French - and I did the 2 coats of pink which went on fine, but then I went to do my first coat of white and it started to pit. I wiped it off, redid it, pitted again. It ended up looking fine after a few tries, but I have NO idea why it happened. The weird thing was it was on the last 2 fingers I had to do.
I was wondering if maybe she touched her face or something with those 2 when I wasnt paying attention.
Fish eyes....that was the word I was trying to think of in my original post. That is what it was doing ! Fish eyes are like little tiny circular ,I am still at a loss as to what caused them ...
Adding to that last post : I believe "fish eyes" is an autobody term used to describe a specific imperfection in the coat of paint...
Agree with Colleen, usually circular holes in the gel are caused when the gel is too thin...

Did the base coat look right in the bottle? I ran into a batch of base at Cosmo that had something wrong with them... chunky looking and would not blend into anything spreadable..
posted the pictures
I see this problem anytime I have a client who uses handcream before they come in. I tell all my clients no hand cream for at least an hour before their appointment. It doesn'tmatter how good I prep/scrub. If there is any residue left behind I have this problem.It doesn'tnecessarily happen on all the fingers either.

I wonder if that is what happened to me ,as I only soaked off one hand ,since she picked off the gelcolor on the other hand....hmmmm, but wouldnt the scrubfresh take care of any residue ?
I've had this happen. Seems to happen with some colors, but not others. I've had it happen with other brands too, like one Nubar gelicure and one of my Artistic color gloss colors. with my OPI it happened with my private jet. I dont' apply those any thinner or thicker than any others, so I don't get why it happens. I always do all my steps the same, yet these same colors always do it.
(02-18-2012, 12:42 PM)lexibunny Wrote: [ -> ]After applying ,thinly and curing ,I have noticed when I apply the color coat ,there are like little pits ,or tiny circular areas like the color is separating ,almost like the surface is oily and separating....also shrinking at free edge.I also use Gelish ,and do meticulous prep ,and careful thin layers ,so I am experienced with gel polish application...anyone else experience this ,if so ,what was the cause and or solution ?Smile

I sometime encounter this, more so in the early days of gel polish. If I am not mistaken, it is due to the application surface being too smooth. Like cuticle oil over a buffed/finished pink&white application, it won't stick to anything unless its surface is roughed. Dry wiping solves this pooling issue for me, by roughing the surface of the base coat. Whenever I am not thorough, I get the pits again.

Ignore the manufacturer's instructions, always dry wipe. It will help the color adhere evenly, preventing pits and greatly reducing shrinkage.
please explain what dry wiping is.
(02-22-2012, 08:43 AM)Tammi T Wrote: [ -> ]please explain what dry wiping is.

Dry wiping is wiping down the base layer with a dry gel brush after it has been cured. It makes the surface ready for the following layers of color and topcoat. Doing this will make them adhere better.
I have been doing axiumm gel nails for 2 years, and I do harmony gelish and CND shellac, all of which I LOVE>
I just invested in my first OPI base and top coat and tried one colour: a good mandarin is hard to find. It set perfectly on the plastic nail stick, but when I put it on my own nail it "bubbled" and lifted and wouldn't cure at all. I thought that maybe the base was no good. I have heard of the OPI gelcolor manicure being done without a base coat, so I removed it and started over again withoiut the base coat, and the same thing happened again. It wouldn't cure at all!!!
I was very distressed. I don't have a clue what to do. It is much thinner than the axiumm so I have to apply it much thinner, more like regular nail polish.
Any help ladies would be much appreciated.
Thank you :-)
Well ladies...ive been saying from the get go that OPI had issues. Noboby wanted to admit it...but here we are, months later..and still having problems.
It depends on the color is what Im finding. But all of the OPI colors shrink back from the free edge. Shellac is the only system I have found that doesnt shrink back at all.
Lincoln Park is another one that pools really bad.... and I just got the I dont know Jaques the other day,,,and it worked fine.
I think their have been bad batches along the way, and OPI is not admitting it, so we just have to find out on our own. So yes,,,there is a learning curve.
I too dry brush when I use any OPI color and it works much much better. Everyone loves the colors and they do go on so nicely.
HTH.... but I dunno why you would be getting dips...Ive experienced it a couple of times, and couldnt pin point it. And I always buff the nail with a fine buffer and oil....but then I have them go scrub w/ soap and water. Never had prblems with 'not roughing up the nail plate" , I dunno...another OPI mystery that needs to be solved !!! LOL Smile
Hi I have just bought some opi colours along with the base and top coat. I am finding problems with the colour lifting and the base coat still on the nail after a couple of days as if the colour is not sticking to the base. Has anyone else found this problem?
The colour was are we there yet. A pastal colour.
HI @chelle ..

I've gotten some "bad bottles" recently and had to throw away a few Sad $ They just wouldn't cure 100%.
*only getting gel color from trusted suppliers fno.
Lol,I have made it a rule never use OPI on new clients...surefire way to make them not my experience anyway...
LOL^ lexibunny
You have to make sure you're shaking the gels, especially the colors A LOT! I've had separation problems similar to what you're saying and it was fixed by shaking the bottle more. You have to shake it vigorously for three minutes. It's annoying. I love OPI and their colors but their gel products have flaws.
I have the OPI Pro Shaker. I bought it thinking this was the last ditch effort to solve my OPI Gelcolor issues. It did NOT help. I only use my OPI over acrylic now ,but still find issues ,just hate using it ! Never buying another bottle again...EVER !
I LOVE my Pro Shaker ,works great. Use it everyday. Really glad I made that investment ! Smile
I second Sara. Their products really went downhill after Paul Bryson left.

The key to the base though is applying super duper thin. In a scrubbing motion, like Gelish
I find that A lot of the orange colors bubble and lift. I AM OVER OPI!.... i love Kiara Sky it is AWESOME, and i can get it a better price.