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I have some Minx samples and want to try them. I don't have the light. What is the best way to try them without the expense of the light until I am sure I like them. Undecided
Anyone have a used light for sale??
Really, no one has any input on the Minx lamp?
Never used one. Sorry Sad
Use a blow dryer . I warmed the sheet first and each pcs before I applied I use one until I got the light
I sent you an email
(02-20-2012, 01:49 AM)Sherrie90630 Wrote: [ -> ]I sent you an email

didn't get it try [email protected]
I've read you can use a 150 W bulb (regular incandescent not cfl) or reptile heat light. Just make sure the fixture you are putting the bulb into can take the heat. For instance a desk lamp will say on the inside not to exceed a certain wattage bulb.
you can try going to pet store and buying the heap lamps they use and get a 250w bulb which is the same as my minx heat and use that Smile just becareful how close you get it to clients hands
Blow dryer will work fine