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Full Version: Hello, Ana- Cosmo Apprentice in GA
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Hi Everyone~
I'm currently under an apprenticeship in the State of GA. I have about 350 hrs in a beauty school, but decided to go the apprentice route, b/c I need to make money. I am married to an Army Soldier and I have a 4yo girl and 3yo boy. I have my hands full. There's a possibility that my husband might be relocating to Hawaii. I just spoke with someone at the state board there and was told that they don't do reciprocity, so it would be a waste of money to take my state board in Ga and then when I get to Hawaii, take it there as well. I was also told that they except school and apprentice hours combined, which is something they don't do in GA. So, if anyone can let me know whether I have some incorrect info, please do so. Also, I'm hoping to be in Hawaii towards the end of 2006-possibly beginning of 2007, so if there are any positions for a stylist available please let me know or keep me in mind. Thanks