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Full Version: Anyone try the "Pedi Stil"?
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Has anyone used this Pedi Still product? It helps elevate the clients foot so you are not holding it. I just had carpal tunnel surgery and when I go back to work I thought this might be helpful, but I don't want to waste my money if it's not worth it.

I use it and love it! I had it stored away for a while since it is rounded on the bottom and didn't quite fit the tub I used at a previous salon....when I opened my new place in September, my hands suddenly began to be extremely painful...after some Acupuncture and icing, heating etc...I pulled out the Pedi Stil and have been using it ever since! It really helps eliminate holding the client while scrubbing with the foot file, I then had to readjust how I massage etc...but really LOVE IT! Oh and it fits my tub perfectly now!