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Full Version: need your help asap!
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today was a really bad day for me Sad i had an appointment for shellac application and the cord of the lamp got mixed up with my chair and my lamp fell down and now the switch timer button doesn't work anymore.i have the old brisa lamp and i would like to ask if you know creative has any kind of this sort of replacements.i'm really furstrated as i don't know what to do and i cannot afford the money to buy a new one asap plus i have appoinntments and i can't wait for a new one to arrive if i don't have any other choice.does any of you has experienced something like that?for such an expensive lamp i guess cnd should have replacement bits but i don't know since the company is closed at this time and i want to feel relaxed that this can be fixed.i hope someone can help me on that!
No one experienced or heard a story like mine ? I guess I'm very clumsy Sad


I would just use any 36 watt uv lamp to cure it. I use a rapid cure lamp. I don't use the CND unit. Never have, for any of my sogp. I cannot afford the brand name light for every line. I chose one that I could afford that works. I wouldn't stress to much if you have another 36 watt to use.
is your brisa 36watt? just use it. cure 3 min each color coat, top coat prob 1on the base. if you get on facebook and message connie harbour-cuticles salon,dallas she can tell you what you are asking about fixing it. i use reg 36 for my sog's