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Full Version: Money organization
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So what would work as good as Quiken/Quick books to keep me organized but would be much more affordable? Open to all suggestions. I hate tax season but thinking if I could work on this stuff all year it'd be easier.

Also any kind of cheats to tell us where stuff falls, like what's office supply as opposed to supplies. What's construction as opposed to equipment?

I guess everyone can tell what I'm working on tonightSmile
isnt quicken pretty cheap? it has a help system for those type questions. its a good basic system. colleen van durem sells a book keeping book, its small, its easy to follow and all laid out in sections.. tracks everything monthly then yearly. i used one of her test books and just ordered another. you might look at the bookstore and ask them. as far as what is office supplies vs would also look at the bookstore and look for "bookkeeping made easy", there is also "accounting for dummies". if you use an accountant or h and r block they would explain it and set you up online or by hand.
Thanks for mentioning my book Kathie! I'll make a post and describe it in more depth.
ColleenNY, I really would like more info. I think I just might prefer your system to computerized. I'm looking forward to seeing your post.
Ya sound like me every year, putting off the books til the end of the year. Quicken is a very inexpensive way to put your income and receipts on the computer. It can be more complicated and do a lot more things, but I prefer to keep it simple with just a P&L for each month and then for the year, along with a transaction report. But ya just got to figure out what ya want it do for what ya need.