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Full Version: Ideas for anniversary special?
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The one year anniversary of my business is coming up march 1st. I want to offer something special to my existing clients as a thank you for being so loyal and something for new clients as a incentive to try me. Any ideas?
I'm in the same boat, as my anniversary is mid-March.

I am considering an open house - maybe from 4:00-7:30 with snacks and prizes. I think I will approach our local cupcake specialty shop and a restaurant to see if they want to cross-promote, with the one donating cupcakes and the other simple appetizers and then I will pay for the advertising and put together the door prizes.

I'm thinking candles & full size lotions/scrubs in gift baskets for the drawings and goody bags that everyone gets with promotional materials, small lotions, tea-light candles, candy, etc. in them. I'm also thinking of putting together a gift certificate promo for the event - either a buy $100 get $20 free and so on, or buy $x in gift certificates and get x retail item free. That might be a way to instantly bring in cash to offset the cost of putting on the event!
Id love to be able to throw an event like that but I booth rent in another salon so Idk if that is possible. I thought about goodie bags and things maybe the first week of March and make it a week long celelbration? well 4 days lol I onloy work wed thru Sat. I'd def like to offer a service special that can run the entire month.