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Full Version: questions about a few favorites
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I am about ready to place some orders. I have been switiching between Linkage and Nailites Something Wonderful Protein Bonder. Has anyone else tried both and what do the find the difference to be.

What do you use for a gel sealer, top gloss. I've mostly been using Nailite's high gloss tackless sealer. I am talking for regular gel nails.

What do you use for top coat for gel polish. the sog gel polish I use right now is nailites, soak of gel polish, not the GIA, the ECO, some NSI, but rarely that and I have shellac on the way. (I had another salon owner lose her nail tech and she only had used the lamp, 9 bottles of shellac and a top and base a very short time, so I am buying it to try it., oh and the 36 watt lamp.)

Is there any base SOG that you can use for all the different sog brands? Any sog top coat that you can use with all of them?

When I do a set of gels, if the person wants color, I have been using SOG polish on top of standard gel. I hate regular polish. I used to strictly mix them with pigment. Do you all do this and what for top do you use after that? Right now, I am ending up getting things a bit too thick.

I am trying to cut down the cost of service right now without cutting down on quality. Any tips or tricks appreciated. As always, I appreciate the help you all so willingly give.

i saw on they have a universal top and or base. I really didnt read too much on it cause with Shellac to register your salon you need to use their system only!!!
I know for sure State/RDA is going to have some CND specials Next Month and April. I plan on stocking up then.