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Full Version: Atlanta/Roswell area
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I've recently moved to Roswell Ga -north of Atlanta. I've been a nail tech for years, salon owner in a small rural town. Not any more but looking forward to the change. How is the nail biz here? Any local trade shows? Any advice or tips would be great. thanks.
I live in Birmingham, AL and as an Educator, I'm in Atlanta often. I've met some great nail techs in ATL. My accounts are LaBelle Nail Mall, Trans Design, and Ace Nail Supply. Nail Mall has events nearly every Sunday. All of these are great nail suppliers offering education events. There's 2 large beauty shows a year hosted by Bronner Brothers. Roswell area is one of my favorite areas with lots of great shopping and restaurants. I would think you could develop a business rapidly in that area.
I'll be at Trans Design the third weekend in March showing our new True Artistry colored acrylics. Stop by and say hi!
Best of luck to you.
Tina Ciesla
Entity Artist
Thank you Tina! My next question was what supplies are there, there is a cosmo in Roswell. The stores where I use to live were over an hour away from me so I've always ordered online. I'm really looking forward to going in a supply store seeing the products before I buy them. So far we love living in Roswell.
Check out any of the 3 I mentioned. You'll love them all! Very well stocked and great customer service.
Tina Ciesla