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Full Version: Adelle at the Grammys
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I know she sounded great, but did anyone notice her nails?

I tip my hat to her tech. They were beautiful! I hope we will see pictures of them. I would love a closer look!

I was thinking the same thing.
Looks like she had a Laboutin manicure. One color on the nail plate, red underneath.
Interesting. I was thinking I could recreate it with clear tips and red gel. Then polish over the gel (it would need to be a dark polish color to cover the red).
I did these on myself a few weeks ago. I used CND Dance USA regular polish on the underside and Shellac Cocoa on the topside. I love the red and nude look and will do it again i think with Bellas Vampire on top and the same CND Dance USA underneath. I would really dislike having to find the Dance USA again lol I think ive had it since 2007 and still a great polish color.
They were so nice. I realized that I am immersed when I saw past her voice to see those nails!
I did this a few years ago with a sparkly silver fade on the top and black zebra stripes underneath. They were all sculpted gel.
You can do any design or color underneath. Place form, apply very thing layer of clear gel, cure, do design with gel paints, cure, apply another thin layer of clear and progress whith whatever you want to show from the top.
Thank you! I love to learn new techniques. I can't wait to try it.
This is from NailPro this morning:

"Did you see Adele's nails at her Grammy performance? Louboutin style underneath, design on top. Phenomenal...just like her voice!"
missed it, does anyone have pictures of this technique?

Here is the best picture I can find, but it just does not do it justice.
My friend and fellow Entity Artist, Tracy Giles and I played with this layering last night. I applied a new set of clear acrylic over clear tips. After I filed them out, I applied Color Couture Gel Enamel. Dazzle Me With Diamonds is a clear enamel with heavy silver and holographic chunky glitter, I put this on after Base Coat. I then applied 2 coats of Do My Nails Look Fat, a cream red. Then, Miss Fancy Pants went over the red. This last color is a sheer pink based shimmer with flecks of gold. The final look was really neat! The underside shows the run silver glitter. I think nex
Oh, no! I hit post before I finished typing. Still getting uses to a touch pad!
Anyway, I think next time, we'll try this with even more contrast, like Adele's. It's fun to see the effects.
Tina Ciesla
Entity Artist
can u post pics? PS "Do my nails look Fat"..awesome color!

Here is a post i got off Tashawna's Facebook I pinned it on pintrest but im sure there is a link to the instructions somewhere lol
ok its on just noticed thanks for Facebooking it a couple a weeks ago Tashawna