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Full Version: Question about acrylics
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I have a question. I am taking my practical on the 21st of Feb, but I still feel like I don’t know enough. So I’m wanting to know your opinions on acrylics. I’ve heard conflicting things with the wear of them. Some say they should be removed every 3 to 4 months and some say they never have to be removed until your client is ready to take them off for good. Could someone please explain this to me? I searched the forum but couldn't find anything on the wear time of acrylics. Thank you!!
acrylics don't really ever need to be soaked off unless there's a problem with the nail or nail bed, or the acrylic is yellowed.

Thats something that was started by the NSS, they'd tell the client their nails were 'old' and needed to be redone. It was a way to get more money since a full set cost more than a fill. To them, it was faster and easier to remove an old set and apply fresh white tips than it was to remove yellowed acrylic or rebalance the white.
Thank you Donna! You just made me feel so much better. I've had people tell me they never get acrylics because you have to soak them off so often and they damage their nails. I was telling them that you didn't have to soak them unless there was an infection or they were tired of wearing them. Then I started second guessing myself and looked it up online and I was getting both the things I mentioned in my post. Thank you again!
I had my first set of acrylics on for.... 26 years! No - properly applied and maintained - you never have to take them off.
26 years... WOW !!! I've had my gels on non-stop for 15 years now !!! Can't imagine my nails without "nails"... Smile)
Also some of the acrylic used by NSS was questionable and I saw clients with cracks all through their nails, so I would have them soak off that stuff before I applied my product. Also some techs do not like to work "over" another tech, so they soak off, and some product won't match in color, so techs soak off for that. But as Donna and Terri say, a well done job with regular maintainence will last.
Thank you girls! You are the best! Wow to both of you! 26 years and 15 for your gels! I always have some type of color on my nails or they feel naked. I also rarely go without nail art. Right now I have a devil heart and an angel one on my ring fingers. Thanks to Robin Moses for the idea of the angel heart. Smile