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Full Version: OPI base/top w/Gelish
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I'm not a "product mixer" but I did try Gelish (Good Gossip) with the new OPI GelColor base coat and top coat.
I find that the OPI soaks off so nice that it's worth trying...
Here is a picture:
I will let you know how it wears.

PS. Overall I've been having great results with OPI GelColor. It lasts better then Shellac on couple "problem" clients Smile


I am a mixer lol and I do it because I like the base and top coats that work, and I have had problems in the past with Polish Pro not wanting to stay on with its own base, so I use gelish foundation, with polish pro top coat. I just bought the opi base top and some colors last weekend. They have help up so nice. I love it so far as a whole system.
I think I'm going to get OPI because I have a client that can't keep the shellac on for more then a week and that is using Linkage. Also linkage is a pain in the behind to take off.
I've used the OPI Gelcolor and I don't like how much it pulls from the free edge. I have Shellac, Gelish and the OPI Axxium and Gelac. I have noticed that you really have to shake up the top and base along with the colors.