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Full Version: rockstar nails/glitter toes
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Question. Are you still using hard gel to apply rockstar /glitter toes? If so what do you think is the easiest method of removal hand or efile? Has anyone tried to use the sogp to do rock star toe/glitter toes. Are you just using the base coat or a light polish colour? whenever I had them done it was with hard/traditional gel.
I've done them with sog and had to use an additional layer of sealer to make sure they were smooth. Also, soaking them off takes a loooong time!
Mostly I use hard gel, unless someone wants the polish look with glitter on top (or marbling). I still use the hard base & top with that though.
i find the sog easier a bit to file off but i use both, depends on what i am putting in .. glitter or glitter and fimo or like items
I'm using SOGP now. I used to use hard gel but I don't like the filing off part.
I do base coat, cure, 1 color coat, cure, 2nd color coat, sprinkle glitter on, cure, top coat, cure, wipe off sticky layer and lightly buff to smooth out, cleanse, another top coat, cure. Comes out great.
It does take a bit longer to remove, but I do prefer it this way.
I've taught a method using Eye Kandy Glitter and SOG enamel. Apply base coat, cure, any color, cure. Then use a scruffy dry brush to burnish glitter directly into sticky layer. Apply topcoat, cure, 2nd top coat, cure. Wipe off sticky layer, done.
I'll be demo-ing this in June at The Nail Tech Event of the Smokies.
Tina Ciesla
Enity Artist
Young nails has a video about this check it on there website