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Full Version: Jamberry Nails
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Hi Ladies,

I just stumbled on Jamberry Nails, I think these are so cute, would like to try them out in the salon..

Has anyone tried these and are consultants for the company.

I had asked about this on here a while ago and someone replied they were like Minx.
trendy nails, jamberry what ever name they go by these days, they are all the same. minx is different as it needs heat to be applied properly. there is also sally hansen nail applications you can get at cvs and walmart places..
Jamberry requires heat to apply and remove.
yes, they all need heat , like blow dryer, but minx needs a heat lamp to work best..
I know the people selling it have parties..its like having a MK party or something LOL
I have a online friend who is not a tech but is selling it. She is calling her party "Margarita's & Manicures"
honestly I'd rather stay Minx & stay professional
It is a heat applied product..
There is videos online just showing how EASY it is to do to yourself ~sarcasm~ Wink
They run about $15 a sheet
PS link is to a video
I still cant get the hang of the mystique nails. i got some samples and have tried to apply them like the instructions say but cant get them to stick at all any suggestions??
my problem is that they don't end up smooth on the nails...they get wrinkled.