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Full Version: Shellac application shrinking
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Hi there, I was wondering if someone could help me. I have been having issues with the Shellac at the Spa I work at shrinking back and fading out while I apply it. I have my own system at home from school and that does not happen. The Shellac at the Salon was purchased in December so it's newer. The lamp is fine and the bulbs are good. I shake the bottles really well, cleanse the nail plate, seal the edge, make sure I cure the base for 10 seconds,etc. but I'm still having this problem. I'm new to the Salon but the girls said the Shellac worked fine when it first came in. Any helpful tips are appreciated.
I would suggest making sure the base is thin but not too thin and your color application is thin also. Holly Schippers says Thin to win. And make sure you put the caps back on asap and not sit the bootle within reach of the uv light during application this can cause it to thicken quickly
i had shrinking problems as well and when i started applying the base really thin and also the coats that followed i eliminated shrinking.the problems with shellac still exist though. Sad i had 2 clients come in today with 2 nails that pealed on thursday(they had their shellac on monday) .one of them told me she was ironing with very hot steam.does this make any sense of why it pealed off? i corrected my application and my last hope for this problem is my bulbs.i'm expecting them to arrive on monday and i have an appointment too.i hope it will correct my problems but i'm worried of those customers that tried it for the first time and they pealed off.they are discouraged of trying it again because they think i was exaggerating about the product and it's can you tell if shellac is properly cured ?