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Full Version: hard gels
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So far I have had the best results with Brisa gel because of the consistency is there another brand that is similar that I could or should try? I really dont want to use CND because of the lack in customer service. If you have any suggestions I would greatly appreciate them


You should try Akzentz Natural Clear. Its wonderful! No running and its really strong but still flexible. It is slightly self leveling, so if that isn't rigid enough for you their modeling is fantastic. I tend to use Natural though I like that it has a little self-leveling but I can do all 5 fingers and not rush. It comes in pink, coverage warm and coverage cool as well, which is awesome when hiding imperfections. Plus they have 7g jars you can buy if you would just like to try it out. Smile
Nubar makes a great line of hard gel in clear, pinks, colors, builder, etc. I personally sandwich some of the SOG colors between the hard gel and it works great. Many options.
I am sure you will receive many suggestions on different gel lines, but customer service & support is just as important as the quality of product. Most importantly, if you can get to a product specific class, it can make All the difference in your success with that product.
I personally Love Light Elegance gels, they offer the High quality products and Top-Notch support. If you call there, every person who answers the phone (and you Will get a real Person!) Knows the products inside & out and can answer your questions in a very friendly & professional manner.
You can check it out at
HTH! Smile
I second Akzentz Natural formula (they have clear, clear pink, cool pink and warm pink). No other gel I've used is as easy to to use - other self leveling gels will run into the cuticle, this particular gel smooths out on the surface but doesn't migrate.

Let me know if you have any questions about it.
I like young nails, it has no heat spikes not mature how thick of a layer you use.