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Hi all! I just bought the Gelish hard gel and was loving it until I noticed it was cracking. Has anyone tried this product? Have you had any issues? Thanks so much in advance!
No, I have not had issues with it cracking. I apply it in 2 or 3 thin layers even. Which one and which layer is cracking on you? And exactly how is cracking? Ie: down the length of the nail, horizontally, like a broken window.....
Hey Kelly,
I put it on Courteney last week and she hasn't had any cracking either. I have it on 2 clients, but they haven't been back for a fill yet. I'll be sure and check when they come in though.

Thanks Claudia and Sherrie! I did a reverse with their pink cover and then white and clear on top. It's not thin... It's a builder gel so I didn't think it had to be. Claudia.. I took a picture of one of the cracks.. I like to email it to you. I have very limited Internet access, as I'm on a cruise ship. If you would email me I'd greatly appreciate it!! [email protected]
The crack is all the way down to the natural nail on 3 fingers. Hope I can get this worked out cause I love the cover pink!
Thanks again!!!!