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Full Version: Parafin Wax Set Up
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I need advice on a parafin wax system. What brand, who has the best prices, & what scent is the best? Oh and any advice on where you get your lint free wipes in bulk would be great.



I hear the therabath system is really good. It comes with a life time warranty if you use their paraffin and Rey have a lot of scents. I think like 10 or so. It's pretty reasonable considering it comes with a few things, not just the warmer. It's the one I want for myself. I think it's about $200 in Canada so it might be less in the states.
thanks so much ill check it out. Kinda glad it comes with stuff so i dont have to spend time searching for scents and bags. Thanks again
ok i googled them and found their website and the price isnt what i expected lol over 200 in the US is what i found and there are no distributors in my area so i cant see it before i buy it. Anyother suggestions??


I think cosmoprof sells large Silkline ones for around $75 dollars. No warranty or anything like that though... Sad
oh thanks my town just got a cosmoprof but they arent fully stocked yet. Ill have to check it out. I did see a nice Amber spa and the chocolate wax yummy