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What do you use for ventilation?
please someone give me some advice
I use the Salon Pure Air at my table, the Partigon at the pedi station for doing gel toes, and I have The One That Works for overall air quality (I only use that occasionally overnight if I've had heavy chemical use that day). That's a big investment, but the most critical unit IMO is the Salon Pure Air.
I am looking for ventalation also. Im only going to offer SOGP ie Shellac and Mani Q do i need an air purifier or just something small for Solvents and dust? I was looking at Young Nails sunflower lamp and dust collector. Any ideas would be great
For just dust you might go with the Sunflower (I used to have that), but the light gets covered constantly with dust, so you would need a separate one. It doesn't have nearly the suction as the Salon Pure Air, but it's a good starter. The one I had the motor went out 3 or 4 times in the first year, at which point the warranty expired so I switched to a new product.
thanks so much for the info. I want to get one that is cost effective since im not offering enhancements.