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if a gel is flexible?also which gel nail forms would you recommend?i have been using creative forms but they were so sticky i couldn't remove them easily and i want to try something else.what would you suggest me?
noone?please share your experience..
sog's tend to be more flexible than hard gels.

I like to use Le Chat's forms, the adhesive is good, they'll stay attached then come off pretty easily. They also have dual ends, meaning that one end is shaped for oval nails and the other is shaped for square end nails. The down side is you have to cut the the wings loose before use. I understand what you're talking about, tho. I've had some forms that were literally real pain to get off of a client. Then on the other hand there's some that WON'T stick at all, have to keep a stapler handy to staple the tabs underneath together. I don't use cheap forms anymore for that reason........
you can take the little oval piece from the middle of the form and stick it on the front tabs to keep the form from coming apart. I actually love the Akzentz forms because there is a tab already there to prevent the forms from opening.