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Full Version: online booking
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is online booking worth it if its just me working out of my own home? Do you like your program, what program do you use? This is such a tough decision.
Depends what you want to get out of it. I've been using it for a year now and I'm a sole operator, working from my home. I got it to deter people from wasting my time. I use Genbook. It gives me the option of requiring all new clients to input their c/c in order to book an appointment online. They don't prepay. It's like a reservation for a hotel room. My regulars don't have to (unless they start to abuse it and then I can single them out and make them do that).

If I am going to give potential clients access to my schedule then I'm going to require some kind of commitment from them that they're going to show up or cancel accordingly. In my experience, it is the new clients who are most likely to not show up for their appointments because they haven't built any loyalty to you yet.

It has other features, like client reviews, which I find are great in soliciting new clients to book. It's $20 a month. I earn that back in 1/2 an appointment Smile

Like I said, it depends what you want to use it for. It's one of the best things I ever did for my business. I have it integrated into my website and my Facebook business page.

There are other programs out there too but I chose this one because at the time only a few of them supported businesses in Canada.

If you'd like more info feel free to email me.
I use Vagaro, which is $25/mo and does much more than just online booking - it handles inventory, client history, gift certificates, etc. I'm really happy with the service (also am a solo tech but have a shop), but would say it really depends on how busy you are whether it's worth it for you. They do offer a free 30 day trial and I believe that you get a mini website with the package, although I have my own so I never really looked at it.
I am using schedulicity. So far no one has booked online Sad we will see what happens. Most of my clients are all pre-booked so it would really only be for them to change an appointment or for new clients. So far schedulicity is easy to use and has great features. Hope that helps :0)
I use Styleseat. It's free and I can choose which services I want to let customers book online or not. It also keeps track of client information and sends an automatic text or email to remind people of their appointments. This has definitely cut down on no call/no shows.