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Full Version: Heat from LED lamps
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I have tried almost every new LED lamp out there. Except for one Young Nails brand, they all generate a lot of heat. I thought LED was not supposed to be hot. I am not talking about the heat spike that can happen with the ectothermic reaction, I am talking about heat in general. I have written to Young Nails for an answer as to why their lamp does not generate heat, but have not gotten an answer. Has anyone else encountered this!
I notice it when I try to do pedis with gel polish. A few clients complain that it's too hot. Fingers are fine, just toes feel the heat. Not sure why?
I have not had that problem with my led lamps. Only an occasional heat spike. That is rare too though. That would be very frustrating though.
i think it's b/c product was applied too thick.. i use the opi gel color and applied it to my thumb too thick and i felt the heat....
i would guess its the ballasts, the bulbs dont get hot but the ballast will and since they are so close to the skin, dont know but i notice it also with my reg uv lamps too
I've also read that if the nail bed is damaged it may cause a heat spike as well.
It sounds like you were saying this is not a heat spike problem but that the lamp just gets hot - like when you have had your UV lamp on all day. I have an Akzentz lamp and it doesn't do that. Perhaps its a wiring issue or an insulation issue. Very strange.
I use a Light Elegance lamp at school and I notice my hand does get a bit warmer in it but it's because it's smaller and the lights are closer to the hands.
I'm with Jess, that is strange. Does the LED UV lamp have the power supply inside the unit or does it use and external power adaptor (like a home printer)?