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Full Version: Hair bling
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found this online now hiring page. Its say their stylist can make 20+ an hr doing this. Do you think its worth the time and money?
if you are in a place where this would be beach, amusement park, mall kiosk.. get my drift, its like feathers.. if you want to offer it in your salon by all means do so but dont think they will come running in for it. its a fad thing
yeah i figured that but i have ppl facebooking me all the time for this stuff wonder if its even worth it or if they expect to bring me the feathers or tinsel just expect me to take thanks as payment lol. i was thinking it would be fun for me so i don't actually dye my hair a fashion color just add or take out the tinsel. I have even had girls text me and ask for just the feather and their so and so friend will put it in for them. So my answer is no it does cost time and money to pick them out and go buy them and search for some colors that i want or they have requested.
the stuff is fun and cute in the hair.. i got mine for prom and graduation type things for the highschoolers.. then they said they cant wear any of that in their hair reg school so i guess i will put feathers in some i have seen prettier feathers sold at walmart and for a decent price tell them to go get them there and you charge them 10 a feather to put in.. thats a
true thanks for the tips I might tell them ill do them im just really burnt out on doing hair right now. I'm only doing mens cuts as a favor to family and really special clients that keep going to smart clips and then coming to me to fix the mess lol. I tell them not to be mad at the stylist they are new and getting the hang of it they wont be able to give them the same cut i can after doing their hair for years. I haven't seen any feathers at my Walmart yet. Everyone is wearing feathers in St. Joseph right now even ladies at the corporate day job i have. I think its funny a business suit with feathers but they keep them neutral so it works. Do you know anyone that has used the Redken texture yet? I want to try one with the sponges for a loose waxy texture but scared. Last perm i did with large perm rods and chi and it was terrible. Sorry for the ?? but you're like the only person that responds in the cutting forum

Thanks so much
Adding some bling, like weaving in a pop of color,or some kind of sparkly jewel accessory into a variety of different types of braids will add a lot more flare to your hair than the old fashion plain and boring braids of our past. One new fun look is a waterfall braid...
what FAIRFIELD, CONNECTICUT hair salon does hair tinsel?????
please include a link and/or a phone number