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Full Version: New with soo much to learn.
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Hello all. I thought I should introduce myself, I have been lurking for a few days now. I am currently a stay at home mom of an almost 2 year old and a 4 month old and I am in the process of school shopping. I have been looking into a school called Bene's international beauty academy, they have 2 locations near me, one is 30 mins away (spring hill fl) and the other is 1 hour away (port richey fl). I will prob end up at the further one as I want to take classes part time at night and that won't be possible at the closer one. Does anybody know/heard anything about this school or either of its locations? They have 2 nail programs one is 240 hours and the other is 360 hours, the longer one is an extra 120 hours spent on sculptured nails. The extra time wouldn't bother me, I just want to be the best nail tech I can be. If I do the longer one, part time at night it will take me 9 months to complete. Any and all advice appreciated! So excited can't wait to get started!
Start planning now to attend Premiere Orlando the first weekend in June!
If I was going to take the school with the extra hours, I'd want to see a sample of the intructor's work. Art of sculpting is definitely something you need to have under your belt. BUT, if the instructor isn't any good at it, then you may learn more bad habits than good without realizing it.

At the Orlando show, you'll get a great chance to see excellent examples of sculpting and possibly make contacts so that you can attend a workshop by one of the nail co.'s. It might actually be cheaper for you to do that than take the course with the longer hours. Once you understand how sculpting is done, there's several on this board who'd be willing to help you trouble shoot problems you might have.

Lastly, Welcome!!
Thankyou ladies. I just had a look at the orlando premier's website look awesome! Mabye I'll be able to get a couple of other student to go to, then we could car pool. I'm going to go look at one of the schools on the 2nd march they have an open day type thing. I'll definately have all my questions ready. I didn't think to ask to see an example of her work great idea thanks. I know one of the schools has a full specialist as the nail teacher and the other has two nail techs teaching.
I googled the school and took a look at the program on their website. I don't know what the minimum hours are for your state. I am having trouble with the practical part of the course description that says *in 260 practical hours, the student will be required to do 260 services* Realistically there's no way a student can *consistently* do an enhancement service in one hour. I probably struggled with 2-3 hours per service when I went to school. Whichever course you decide to do, make sure you clarify that statement because it's there for both of them.

As for the instructors - the two nail techs might be the better bet if they're still actively doing nails in a salon. If they haven't had clients for 20+ years they may not be up to date on a lot of new products and trends. Just my opinion Smile Hope it helps - and Welcome !
The Orlando show is the best in the industry.. if you attend only one this would be the one.. 2 full days of nail overload.. all classes Sun & Mon included with admission, some pay for classes on Sat and best of all Sat night is the NailTech Network Orlando Soaicl.. prizes, food & drink and nail tech AND mingle with the stars of the industry! See more info on registering: