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Full Version: Practicing Nail Art
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I love to do nail art, but to be honest, I need to practice the designs before I am comfortable putting them on a client. I have been using tips to practice, but find that is a pricey and a waste of tips. Does anyone have any suggestions on material to practice their art on? Maybe something that will hold up to acetone to clean and reuse?

I also practice on tips but all my practice material is from Ebay. You get a 500 pack for under $5. And predesigned the same thing. I just purchased 3 nail art practice things (the round plastic thing with 1DZ "nails") on them and they were $1 each. Hope that helps.
I use the tips ends that I cut off. And I use the size I never seem to need. like 1. and 10. I also I save all my product from clients and use it to practice 3d nail art. I just have a empty monomer bottle and power container that has "Not for Clients" printed on it. I poor any left overs in to them and use them for practice.