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Full Version: Anybody else their own worst critic?
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I know I have confidence issues with my work -- I always see the flaws in it. Instead of "rose-colored glasses", I seem to look at the nails I do with "snot-green glasses" (EWWWW on that analogy! Big Grin) -- but lately I've been doing some nail art inspired by others, and I cannot seem to give myself a break at all.

I can copy an idea down to the finest details, but my eyes still tell me it doesn't look anything like the original! I "fake it 'til I make it", and smile with enthusiasm over how cute it is, but it never feels good enough! Anybody else do this, and if so, how do you overcome it??

I know what you mean Kristi !! I try to reproduce Kinga's designs all the time.... they never look quite the same... but as she says, "a different hand" will never create it the same way....

Smile Maggie
I'm so right there with you. I think i suck at nails all the time, and some of my clients tell me that I need to stop being OCD. I've only been a tech for 3 yrs so maybe it will get better with time and good continuing education.Smile
I feel the same way I have never felt like I did good nails,so Ive just about given up.But the problem is I love it ,I want to be creative .and be proud of what I do
Well girls, I can see we feel each others' pain! Heart

I can only say that I will not give up, and encourage you all to not be so hard on yourselves!

Practice, practice, practice!