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Jessica - NailzOnLine

Hi all! I'm Jessica (NailzOnLine) from Minneapolis. I've been on this site for 7 years and licensed for 5 1/2, but I've done my own/friends/families nails for 13 years. I just started in a Spa as a Lead Nail tech (basically supervisor) and am excited to be pulling the department together and adding artificial nails to the program! You can check out the spa at I also have a website at Check out the link to the Nailtech Webring - we were the FIRST nail webring and have over 100 sites linked on there. Lastly, I am beginning to consult and mentor nails and you can see that site at So far its very basic, but I'm working on it!

In my other (non nail) life.....I have a 7 year old daughter, I go to school full time to finish my business degree and I sometimes think that I'm trying to kill myself with all this activity!!! LOL. Tongue