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Full Version: chunky, bumpy, nails.
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I hope this link it just me or are these things really unattractive?
These look like the stick on ones you buy at the pharmacy.....notice how the smile line is exact on each nail? Notice how the color of the nail bed is exact on each nail? Notice how the length and shape of each nail is exact? And if you look closely around the cuticle area, I'm sure I can see where the glue has seeped out.
As for the black nail, it looks awful!!!


I didnt look at them all, but the black one looks like the Cashmere nails being talked about in another thread here. I prefer nail art to be clean lines, so if I were to do the cashmere sprinkled on I would make my cuticle line even.
So, I checked out their website. It's a site that sells a charm and glitter kit to do two of your nails. Their website says you buy this stuff to do your nails at home AFTER you've gone to the salon. Not sure why you wouldn't just have it done at the salon. The black in the picture with the bow is glitter that they haven't put any top coat or gel on. So apparently this is a DIY kiinda thing, which would explain why the black nail looks like it does. LOL
nothing special.....that bow's gonna come off pretty quick.
l think it's a girl who is selling a DIY kits.

The black nail with the bow are black bullion beads, and she has a vid where she explains how you have to use your breath(mouth), to help the glue dry faster ewww.