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Full Version: Toe Nails with bacterial or fungus and gel application.
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Ok I was taught 18-19 yrs ago that it was BAD to apply any enhancements on toes with issues. Am I wrong? Has this changed?

I have a friend in a different state starting nail classes. And this is one of the videos on the website of where she is planning on attending.

What do you guys think?
ok, I only watched the first 10 seconds where she says you can still do a service on a fungal toenail. WRONG!!!!!!

Your training still stands in my state. We are not allowed to work on any nail with a fungal infection. Maybe that state is different.
I don't live or work in the States but I'm gobsmacked that she is working without gloves! On fungal nails! Never ever.... A few other things: using a toothbrush in an instructional video??? She also says that it's a good idea to buy several primers so that each client with an infection can have her own, why not just stop dubbeldipping? I'm sure qtips are cheaper than primers...
Grapefruit is à natural desinfectant, but antibiotic? Really?

I teach nails at a beautycollege and have my own salon and I would never show this to any student of mine!
And for sure, no enhancements om fungal nails!
I think she is showing a toe nail with Nail Lifting (Onycholysis).

It can be due to a fungal infection (worse case), or trauma as we all know.

She is not wearing any gloves anyway eww.