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Full Version: The dumbest thing e-vah!
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So I have been enjoying the new OPI GelColor immensly. I love how it soaks off... I even posted how it always soaks off "in 10-12 min". Well, today was an exception.
I don't know what the heck happened but I took off the foils after 12 min and.... nothin! I left it for another 5... nothing!
I removed the shine and left it for another 5.... NOT BUDGING!!
OK, so I was keeping a straight face but I was freaking out on the inside. I used the proper remover and all.
The gel was not budging and not releasing from the nail at ALL.
I actually had to file it off Confused
Then.... it dawned on me. That's the dumb part....
I think I used Artistic Color Gloss Prep-thing instead of Bond-Aid.
I think..... what else could have happened?!?!
I have been using it for a month, I did quite a few removals- perfect!
I even used the color (Samoan Sand) on one of my nails and left it for 2 weeks- soaked off like a dream.
I like to test all colors on my nails before I use them on clients (yes, I walk around with 10 diffferent colors on my nails- great conversation piece)

Thank God my next appointment cancelled- otherwise I would have been 30 min late. I also gave the client 50% off coupon for her next pedi (for all the "pain and suffering" lol)

Don't mix lines folks. I knew that but... yeah, that was dumb!

Oh, don't you just hate when something like that happens and puts you behind the rest of the day?! Glad you figured out what happened! Smile
Reminds me of the VERY FIRST soak off I did...... used some leftover foil from a hairdresser. It had a "black" side... well to make a long story short - it left BLACK all over her fingertips when I removed the foil. VERY embarressed - good thing she was my last appt on a saturday. My blood pressure was through the roof!!