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Full Version: shellac lamp pls help!
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i currently have an old creative lamp and i want to get a new one because i work in a salon part time but i still have customers that come to my place and would like to get a lamp to have it at home.i would love to buy the new creative lamp but i cannot afford it at the moment.this is the reason i want to get a new one but i have no clue how to select one.i use shellac ,brisa and TEN gel and i want one that can cure all of them!how should i know which one to buy?any help ladies would be much appreciated! Smile
From my experience all gels will cure in a 36watt lamp in 2 minutes. The one I use I got from for $50. I use it for curing shellac, axium, tammy taylor and nailites gels without any proplems.

Though I did recently hear that the OPI gel color has to cure for 3 mins in a uv lamp.

Hope this helps.
thank you for your help!what worries me most is gel because i don't know how to recognize if it is properly cured when using a different type of lamp from the one it's recommended.are there any signs that i have to see in order to know that gel or shellac is properly cured?
also i forgot to mention that i need a 220 volt lamp because i live in greece.i want to get a lamp through internet and i would prefer from usa.i read that i have to get something to change the voltage but im not so familiar with this kind of stuff.any info on that also would help a lot!
I bought my 36 uv lamp(to cure all my gels too) from Cosmoprof, but says made in chinaBig Grin. I think CND shellac lamps are the only ones made in USA but I am not sure, this days everything is made overseas Sad.
I have a friend who got hers from ebay and works the same.Shy

I got mine included in the price of the master painter class great deal and a lot of fun
do you have any links of the lamps you are mentioning?i would like to take a look!