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Full Version: Guns and Nail techs!
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Hello ladies, I just got my Ruger 10/22 and I got a black stock (it came with wood grain) so I can Decorate it!!! I know their has to be hunting/shooting girls out there that have decorated there guns!? Hopefully because with our talent I cant stop coming up with great ideas!Idea I looked into the Dura coating, but Im pretty sure I just want to do it my self! Im just looking for Ideas, stencils, 3D work that has been done...trial and error cases! Some pictures maybe? Thanks Kytanna.Big Grin
I carry a .38 and my husband would KILL me if I dared to 'decorate' it, lol. Guns are sacred to him. He's ok with the bling-y nails but he'd draw the line on the guns.
My hubby just told me I can put rhinestones on mine if I want to lol!, I have a Taurus Mod. PT22, .22 auto stainless steel. Wood grips.

I may decorate it one of these days when I am bored Smile.
Hey ladies! Thats funny Donna! I think this is a way for my husband to get me out shooting lol after he tells me I can Bling the thing out I got excited! ParkNails Thats great! I added rhinestones to my magazing inside a little ledge so I dont rub on them! So I cant find many Ideas out there, guess Im just crazy! I have decided with my black (plastic) stock to sand it, then use acetone to remove the dust. Primer it with white/silver primer (back ground) Iam going to wrap different strips of ribbon,lace,fishnets around the stock. Then using Spray paint (was going to use my airbrush but dont wanna ruin it with other paints) paint in 3 different colors, camo design...but NOT camo colors lol then remove the lace, ribbon ect. If any of you are interested I can/will post pics?! Or my Thanks
I definitely want to see the finished work!
I have scrollwork on the grips of 2 of mine, but I like to keep things flat and thin so as not to interfere with my grip. And that is about the only place you can put things because of the heat.
I want to see pics when done. My husband would shoot me with it if I decorated mine. LOL.
I want to see pics too Kytanna Big Grin.Smile
can't decorate's for my job! (Fire Marshal) but it does sound interesting! I have a 2-in 38 which I don't carry for work anymore but I used to date a guy that worked at the range and he put a pearl handle on it!
[Image: 167qgl0.jpg] just for fun
love it!
That makes me want to get a gun just so i can dcorate it! I would crystalize the sh!t out of that! Hahaha
I've also had many guns, just a pocket pistol now but if you do hunt, I would stay with flat painted art so it's not shiny.

I have a laser engraver in my graphics show and have lasered designs into wood grips and stocks a number of times that would look great filled in with color so if you dare, might want to order an additional stock, engrave it with a fine bit with your efile and fill it in with color.
love the picture
This is my Gun! 10/22 Rifle!
I sanded it down, primed it, painted it! I made the scencils out of velum paper and painted the Paisley & Bee! I then took lace and painted over it getting the lace effect! Im in l Heart ve and so Is my Husband! lol!Big GrinTongue

[Image: IMG_20120201_134144.jpg]

[Image: IMG_20120201_134128.jpg]

[Image: 418104_2931331176375_1653895889_2603177_...5858_n.jpg]
That is fantastic!
Beautiful job, hubby likes it too Smile!. Love the colors.
Thanks ladies!
Im a hunter girl, but only with a bow. Cant dare put pretties on it because Id be busted in a second with the deer. You dont dare put anything shiny on when you hunt.
it's definitely different! My hubby would never let me on the shooting range with it.....
I dont have any guns but I wonder if my hubby would let me bling out his?
Nailsareagirlsbf: That looks awesome! Great job!

Heh, a few years ago I Swarovskied several of my AR-15s. It actually added grip to the handguards, and they still held after several hundred rounds (yay 2-ton epoxy!!)

I did my "Sparkle-15" in iridescent pink/purple/orange/yellow swarovskis, and I have my "Blackitcal Bling-15" with black Swarovskis, and another one with different shades of red, and then another set of spare hand guards with varying shades of pink/fuschia... with another set of spare hand guards currently in the making, that will depict Old Glory. (Mixing up epoxy, and setting hundreds of stones gets TEDIOUS!!!)

Let me see if I can find pics, and if I can't I will have to take new ones in the morning Big Grin
lol.. i just read this post to my hubby he said no way could i glue anything to my gun...ahahhaha i love that paint job!!!
That sounds like a great idea Colleen!!