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Full Version: Recomendations on Nail Drills please
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OK it's that time again where I need to invest in a new nail Drill. I need some recommendations please. I would like something light weight, quiet and little vibration. (Don't we all). I have been looking at the Medicool Portable rechargeable unit and the Erica MT 20? But any suggestions will help. Also does anyone have any experience with Erica's Vacuum system she sells. It's a great price and doesn't look overly bulky. Thanks for any suggestions ahead of time!
Hi Gina,
I have the Medicool portable rechargeable electric file and it's great. Small hand piece, very quiet, no vibration at all. Highly recommended!
I have a portable RAM. No vibration and I am in love with it.
Here is the exact one that i have and the site is


Rpm E-file Control box
3,000 to 20,000 rpms
Variable speed dial

Ergo Slim Handpiece
0-20,000 rpm
Torque 2.7Ncm (plenty of power with Swiss made motor)
5.16 x 0.83 inches
4.44 oz (126 grams)
I have the ERika MT and its a great drill, but my dream drill is the YN efile. It was so much smoother and lighter.