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Full Version: Entity Beauty products and info
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I haven't been on the boards in quite some time. Hope to checkin more regularly than I have been.
Recently, Entity held their annual Educator Training in Vegas. We had an amazing time of education and fellowship under the direction of Lorena Marquez, our new Director of Education. New products were also launched! True Artistry Colored Acrylic Powders in 24 amazing colors were introduced on 01/19. Lorena is a world champion nail artist who practically pioneered nail art using colored acrylic powders. Rest assured her expertise went into the selection of these fabulous powders! I had the pleasure of winning a set of these powders last week. I posted some Valentine's nails on my Facebook page yesterday. Check it out!
Entity Beauty created a new title and position with our Educators called Entity Artist. We are tested in nail skills, product knowledge, and presentation skills, each category requiring us to stretch ourselves far past our own expectations. After much hard work, studying, practicing, and excitement, I can tell you that I made it to Entity Artist! I'm very honored to be a part of this group. I'm even more proud that my dear friend and co-worker in my salon, Tracy Giles, also made it to Entity Artist. Together, we want to be available to anyone needing advice or info re: Entity Beauty. Feel free to visit us on Facebook, email us, or post here any of your questions.
This is going to be a fabulous year at Entity Beauty. Make sure you are part of the excitement! Check our website for events in your area or register for our webinars. We have one on Monday 01/30. Space is limited and almost full. If you already use Entity, join our Salon Locater and get a free gift.
Hope everyone has a wonderful weekend!
Tina Ciesla
Entity Artist
Congratulations Tina!! It all sounds so exciting...makes me wish I never gave it up! Good luck with your adventures! <3