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Full Version: Interview Confusion
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I have a job interview in a few hours and it's for full time employment, which I really need.

But I have an opinion about certain products since trying them, and finding myself not a fan. When the gentleman from the salon called me, he asked me if I have worked with this product, and I have. I just really don't like it, at all. I do not think it that it is a good product for doing any kind f art or design or anything other than french.

So what do I do?

I need the job, but hate the products they use. And I do not want to assume that they will change product lines since I am unsure how mny nail techs they have....

What a conundrum...
does the product have a good reputation in the nail industry? Did you get some extra help with it when you were using it, since it seems that you had some issues with it.

it's possible that's all they're expecting you to do is French so once you get there and prove your value, you possibly could get them to get something that you like better.

I've known of owners of salons who really don't know that much about nail products, they've been told by a supplier, "product A is a great one" or it's the cheapest. If that's the case, then the only way you can change that is by asking them to let you try a different brand, once you've established yourself.


All is well anyway, I went in to a local little shop, and found a very lovely lady who would like to work with me.
YAY! Glad you found a new spot Smile