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Full Version: Chemical smell
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Which air filters ($100 or less) do any of you use? I see the Luraco chemstop has been discontinued Angry Which are pretty good at getting rid of the monomer smell? I already have a desktop fan for dust so I don't need one with that. Thanks Melissa

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IMHO, save your money and stop investing in something that is marketed to remove the monomer smell we use. It either doesn't work or doesn't work in the manner we expect.

(1) The Luraco (or ANY filter) works until the activated carbon is used up. Most likely with 1-2 clients. No one will tell you this. Wink Too expensive to keep replacing for every client.

(2) Assuming you can afford the AC filter for every client, enough odor will still escape and enter the general atmosphere of the room. Every client that enter will smell it, regardless of how little is present.

The only thing powerful enough to suck all that smell is an industrial fan, similar to that used in restaurant kitchens and older homes. Trust me, not something you want on all the time or even during the duration of service. Noise is a huge issue. Not to mention the heating cost in cooler climates and installation costs. ETC.

I'm tired so I'll stop with just these reasons; and skip to the conclusion: discontinue liquid&powder application if you/clients are bothered by the smell. This is why many salons opt for gel applications and "market" them as a healthier alternative to "acrylic." Clients smell nothing so they equate it with "safer, better, etc." Whatever. :Confusedhrugs::

Our salon has a strong central ventilation unit and it takes only ONE l&p client for the whole darn place to stink. It is so annoying; but it's the price for offering l&p applications.