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Full Version: Fired a client- rant
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After much deliberation I made the choice to 'fire' a client who has been a long standing problem for me. Ever since I've been doing her nails she has been no-showing, very late (1/2 hour late last time!), or cancelling at the last minute. I even send her reminders and she can't get it right. When she was 1/2 hour late I did her anyway but told her I'd get done what I could. She does gels with gel polish and of course that day she had a broken nail that needed repair. I worked fast but made sure I did a beautiful job so she wouldn't complain.
The way I told her was that since pre-scheduling isn't working out for her that it might be better if she calls when she wants to come in and I'll see if I can get her in. It was worded nicely and not even really firing her but just doing her appointments a different way. She never responded. I wasn't surprised.
Yesterday she came to the salon to get her hair done. This is the first time I'd seen since I'd contacted her. She gave me the nastiest look. I had no doubt that she would be snotty but I ignored it and went about my day.
My friend who works at a different salon just told me that this same client went to their salon to get Gel Polish and spent the entire appointment talking crap about me.
This ticks me off to no end because I feel I've done nothing wrong. Ive always been nice to her even when she's late, and have done a good job on her nails. Shes always said that she loves my work and that I do the best pedicures she's ever had. I'm really upset about it. Who knows how many people in the other salon heard her talking about me? It's aggrevating to know you bend over backwards for people and when THEY mess up they feel its necessary to talk bad about YOU like its your fault.
I'm not regretting for a moment that I got rid of her, that I can be sure of now!
Ugh. I need a drink.


Good for you for telling her what would work. Its her problem she is such a butt. I would be really angry if my client was talking poorly about me after a polite schedule adjustment. Of course I am the kind of girl who would send a nice card to her, letting her know how great it was to work on her, and that its unfortunate that timing wouldn't work. I would also add to my nice note that I don't understand why she would talk that way about me, with another salon. That would shut her arse up. I am proud of you.
I guess I called that one huh Peggy?
I fired a client once who i did for a yr and a half. I took as much verbal abuse from her as I could stand and had enough. I sent her a polite card saying. "It is obvious you are unhappy with the way i do your nails so maybe it is time to find someone else. I have removed the next appointment from my book. Hope you find someone better suited to your liking." She called four of my clients who were friends with her and tried to get them all to quit coming to me. Well that was 5 yrs ago and those other 4 still show up at every appointment.

When its your time and money then you have to gaurd it the best you can. The storm of crap she is spreading will blow over quickly. Hang in there.


(01-27-2012, 02:00 PM)ColleenNY Wrote: [ -> ]I guess I called that one huh Peggy?

That you did!
I'm sorry Colleen Sad She will soon show the new place why you fired her.
I had to fire a client a few weeks ago. I had been doing her nails for about a year and as far as I knew, everything was fine. Her Tuesday 5:00pm standing appointment was the last one of the day and sometimes I'd do special things for her and didn't charge because I had a little extra time. We generally had an okay relationship but she'd spend her appointment ranting and raving about things like the mortgage company that was going to foreclose on her house because they told her the only way they'd redo her mortgage was if she was behind on her payments. So, she stopped paying her mortgage and they started foreclosure instead of redoing her mortgage! Hellloooo! She ranted about that a lot.

One Monday before her regular appointment, she called and asked if I would wait till 7 or 7:30 for her appointment because she had made an appointment to look at a car. Okay. Hmmmm. No. I'm not going to sit around for two and a half hours waiting for you too see your car when you should have made the car appointment either AFTER you get your nails done or another day. So, I said that would have been hard for me to do because I had an early appointment the next day but I had a Friday appointment at 5. Could she come then? Well, no, she said because she wouldn't be getting her full 2 weeks out of her money she was paying for her fill because she'd be back at her regular time on Tuesday (10 days away from Friday). She was very upset and couldn't see why *I* couldn't wait for her because she's a VERY good client and it's bad customer service for me to not wait. Right.

Well, one of my other clients ran into her at the grocery store and the fired client started in on me and how unprofessional I was and how I should have waited because she NEEDED to see this car and I was trying to steal money from her because she wasn't getting her full money's worth. Needless to say, my good client called me right away and told me about their conversation (which was really a rant). The good client said some things that only the fired client would know about our conversation so I knew the good client was telling the truth.

After that, I knew I'd feel uncomfortable sitting across the table from the bad client so I sent her a text message that, since she was unhappy with my customer service, I think she should find a new nail tech. She responded that she was okay with that then proceeded to tell me that she really wasn't upset and that she was letting off steam to my other client. I didn't respond and took the rest of her appointments out of my book.
The next day I filled her old spot and booked it out for the rest of the year!

She was taking advantage of me advantage of me and I don't feel bad for standing up for myself. I did everything I could to resolve the situation.
Wow...what do they expect? I guess we arent supposed to have lives. It kills me when they worry about getting exactly 2 weeks out of their appointments. Arent you glad you fired her now???

I went for my hair appt today at the place where my ex client complained about me and the girls filled me in on all that was said. It was almost comical because they all know me and knew she was lying about me. Must be she didnt realize that I'm friends with them. Their reaction when she left was "wow, wonder what they'll say about ME when she leaves here?" She's pretty transparent! We were all laughing about it throughout my hair appointment. They're a great bunch of girls. Smile

What's funny is she got gels done by me and there isnt another nail tech who does gels anywhere in our area. I guess she should have appreciated me a little more.

That's how it is with me, too, Colleen! I'm the only tech in this area that does the reverse with glitter so there's no where she can go to get what she was used to having with me!

She also didn't realize that my clients are pretty happy with what I do and how I run my business so they'll protect me when they feel it's necessary! And yes, I AM glad I fired her. I never had to do that with any other client before. I'm glad I did it. There would have been too much negative energy if she kept coming!
That's exactly how I feel too. So much negative energy when she was there. She's a power freak who thinks she's above everyone else. I mention her name and people groan and cringe.

She's the first client I've had to fire as well. I have plenty of people to fill her spot. Two salons just closed in our town and I'm getting calls all the time. Smile
I've fired clients in the past... each case is always unique. I have one that I'm having problems with right now. I'm going to use some of your advice and see what happens. Thanks!