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Full Version: ? about the vacuum attachment for mini vac...from akzentz
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how does it work? i have the partigon. Is the end piece soft like rubber to fit right over opening?
I bought it a few years ago, it was too much weight on my efile, it gave me tennis elbow, very painful, took it off and it went away

I guess it worked fine taking the dust away.
Just to clarify... Akzentz doesn't make dust collectors. I guess Barb had bought hers from one of Akzentz distributors... but the product was not made by Akzentz Smile

I also have the partigon, works well but if I remember well some people used the Akzents hose attachment with better results?,(not so heavy on the wrist), please share.
ok maybe there is some confusion. I'm not asking about the dust collector...i'm asking about the hose attachment from the part that fits on the vac a soft rubber or a hard plastic

yes i hate the hose part that comes with the partigon